Eladrin Moon Elf Wizard


Jarther is an Eladrin – a moon elf. But not your typical moon elf. He hates the outdoors, loves his soft bed and loves to drink and gamble.

But regardless of all this his link to the fey is still very strong, which probably accounts for his love of the magic arts. Jarther considers himself an artist, his magic being his expression. It is his passion, his love, and he constantly strives to better his art, anyway he can.


Jarther does not know his parents or history. He was an orphan, raised in the “little angles” orphanage in <phil> From what he was told, Jarthar was left as a baby on the steps of the orphanage.

He spent most of his early life in the orphanage, being cared for by the monks who ran the home. When he was old enough Jarther left and started to learn his way around the towns. He had always been lucky, and had an ability to read people that made him a natural at playing cards and games of chance.

After a few years Jarther was playing in a high stakes card game, where he managed to beat a rich merchants son out of over 100 gold pieces. The merchants son, being angered that the lowly Jarther had bested him, made up a story that Jarther had cheated and had his father have Jarther arrested.

With the help of the monks from the orphanage who spoke up for Jarther’s good soul, the young elf avoided jail time or worse but instead was sent to a companion of one of the monks, to become a servant for a period of 10 years.

This companion of the monks, Silou was a local wizard, and was also a kind hearted person. After a few months Silou started to see something in Jarther, a power – so Silou started teaching the young elf the wizardly arts.

Jarther caught on like a natural. It was like something he had always known, something that he was meant to do. For the first time in his life young Jarther had a purpose, a love, a passion – something to strive for.

Jarther’s time studying under Mistress Silou was the happiest time of his life. Something he would cherish forever. But a burning was inside him, a burning to see the wide world. To experience wonder, and if he was true to himself – to search for power, to better his art.

Jarther saw a notice of a local caravan hiring guards for a trip to <phil> and the young elf saw his chance. He signed on, the start of the next phase of his life.


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