A Lamentation of Thieves

Session 3 - The Imp, The Book and the Thief!

Session 3 – The Imp, the Book and the Thief!

Or The Mystery of the Missing Relic

Our first night at the inn passed without incident and in the morning we eat and then discuss going to the magic shop to pick up the items we have been promised and then head to the Mages Guild to look at getting magical licensing for myself, Jarthar and Luken.
Once more we make our way through the market place and this time I see a redheaded kid watching us. I mention this quietly to Luken and the sorcerer shouts out and waves to the boy, whom immediately runs off (In the direction of the Laughing Manticore!). We arrive at the magic shop and are invited into a back room and then lead down some stairs, through a door that glows (and I do) into a room with magical items laid out for us to peruse.
I take a crossbow and a wand (both 1 and the wand gives a bonus to sensing the presence of magic and helping to identify it). The owner approaches me and says IF I wish to I can exchange the animus wand we recovered from the shaman kobold for another item. I will think on it for now.
Kesrick takes a longsword and leather armour (both are +1).
Hith takes a holy symbol and some chainmail (both are +1)
Jarthar and Luken take Robes of Scintillation (
1 AC). If they took more I was not really taking note.
The owner of the shop also tells Kesrick that the vial of Anhkeg poison he has is good for 6 doses. He finishes by telling us that we can come back anytime to purchase items for these are ones he will have here for us.
After finishing at the shop we make our way towards the Mages Guild and we are pretty sure we are not being followed this time. Just as we arrive at the gates we see a fellow in a state of alarm and he approaches us almost like we were expected…
He says that we ARE expected (say what??) and hands me a note with the letter ‘O’ on the outside. Seems our movements are being tracked. The letter says:-
‘Darkstar Heroes, I was impressed with how you solved the murder and wanted to see if you were up to another challenge – the constables have been delayed so use this to your advantage and help with this mystery!’
or something along those lines – I will embellish the words as I see fit!
We listen to the fellow and eventually he introduces himself as Headmaster Malzahar – he explains that the ‘Relic of Boccob’ is missing – we go through into the inner sanctum and see that there is a raised area with a wooden box \ stand on it with a barrier of some kind around it. The Headmaster explains that there should be a book on the stand! The Headmaster hurries off to the scrying room to see if they can locate the missing relic while we bring down the barrier around the stand and then have Kesrick move it out of the way. I can tell by delving into my bardic knowledge that a small elemental was used to steal the book away! I point this out to Jarthar and Luken – surprised they did not see it.
While we have been doing this, a member of the ground staff comes over and asks us about what we are doing. Someone said ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ but we smooth that over and the fellow tells us about Underground passages that have been here for a long time that run under where we are standing. Ha! a clue and this explains the elemental that was used. He goes on to say that the chambers underneath us are used as punishment area and for storage. Sometimes magical testing is done down there as well… he also says that all Magical activity is logged and tracked in by a special room where scrying is done on the Guilds grounds. That is pointed out and I keep that room in mind for future reference.
He then leads us to the entrance to where the underground chambers are – he unlocks the door and gives us the key so that we can lock the door behind us. We begin to head down and I sense two magical sources – one is a residue of something cast earlier and the other is in use. Kesrick sneaks down the stairs and has a look around and then comes back. He says there is a student down there killing rats with magic and then feeding them to an imp! This does not sound like a very nice student at all. Kesrick also says that there are boxes stacked up in a location that we think is directly under the stand where the book was – an elemental could have easily gone up and back down without being noticed last night.
We decide to go down the stairs and investigate the boxes and the student. Kesrick stealth’s down and I try to follow, but fall and roll down the stairs, get up again but I am not noticed! Hith just walks down, for that is how he stealth’s (CAN’T!), making no attempt to be quiet and is seen by the student.
The student turns and says we should not have disturbed him and that his Father will have us flayed. Arrogant little shit – I try to reason with this foolish boy even speaking Words of charms to him but this ‘boy’ thinks he is so far ‘above’ us that he does not care and will not be persuaded from NOT attacking us. Idiot boy!! I decide to shoot the imp and hit s squarely wth a bolt from my new crossbow! The imp charges me of all people (I truly am a force to be reckoned with) and is hit by Kesrick from the shadows as it comes towards me.
Blood is leaking from the imp (bloodied) and it disappears after hitting me. I am able save against the poison thanks to Hith and his healing – it is so good having a Priest with us! The student then casts a spell and summons 3 skeletons – what is wrong with this boy!? The other attack but are pretty aweful… Luken cannot hit the side of a barn… ugh it seems I might be in some trouble. One of the skeletons charges (me again) and I am almost bloodied again, but I do manage to stand my ground before taking a step back and slaying the skeleton that had been wounded by Kesrick. The imp reappears and tries to hit Hith but fails and then it flies away to a position behind the boy. Another one of the skeletons dies and then the imp is pinned to the wall by Kesrick’s arrows. I kill the last skeleton and Luken uses magic to knock the boy to the ground – finally we think this will be over but no, the idiot gets back up and says ‘a Crownguard does not surrender – it cannot end this way!’
Oh crap – this little shit is Lord Jax’s Crownguard (the bard) son. This stupid idiot will not stop! Killing him would be bad… Vald is then bloodied by a magic missile from Jarthar when suddenly the door leading down to where we are explodes and in marches Headmaster Malzahar. He takes stock of the situation and does not hesitate to berate the boy, Vlad Crownguard. Seems the boy is a trouble maker – a gifted one, but still a trouble maker. When the Headmaster sees the imp pinned to the wall Vlad gets escorted out of the underground and to the Headmasters office. Seems he has done this before… the boy will bear watching I believe.
The Headmaster explains that there have only been three people down here of late. Victor, a promising student, but he was down here after he was caught doing a prank with Vald, and Syndra who was a volunteer – she helped clean up the rooms after magical practice. She has not been seen for some time.
We point out the boxes and investigate – there is a chalk outline of a circle on the ceiling – conjuring and transmutation was used – hence the elemental. The Headmaster leaves us once more and we try to follow the trail of magic left by whatever creature it was that stole the book. As Jarthar and I assist Luken we find that the trail is heading to the North East, directly for the library when we lose the trail.
We enter the library and it is truly awesome! The librarian comes up to us and we ask after Syndra and we are directed towards the second floor and the ritual section. We arrive in the area indicated and after looking around we notice that there is a book missing and I know just ‘know’ which way we need to go. We come to a study area and I point out that there is a chair missing from one table, while Kesrick searches and finds a hidden door, accessed by moving a torch on the wall. The wall silently glides open and we see a figure casting a comprehend languages ritual on the missing book!
I walk up and say ‘What you doing?’ absolutely scaring the hell out of Syndra. Seems we have solved this mystery as well. Syndra explains that she took the book so that she could try and read it because the knowledge it contains should be meant for all. The problem has been that no one has been able to read from the book while it was on the stand – I realise there was a babble spell on it back where it had rested for a long time. Jarthar and Luken are busy studying the book and as we look at it we say there is no spell on it. Syndra is like ‘What?!?!’ – it seems the book overcame the babble spell that was on it once it had been removed long enough from the stand. Silly girl.
The book is called Encyclopaedia of Magical Knowledge and has the Laws of Boccob (Lord of All Magic) :-
o Law of magic
o Law of knowledge
o I value knowledge above all – bring me a blank slate so that I may spread the knowledge gained.
The book can understand questions asked of it. We ask about the Temple of Pelor and it says ‘The destruction of the temple of Pelor at Hawkmoon – seek out the enlightened one.’
Who destroyed the temple? The page changes to – ‘Remember the law – quick knowledge is not the quick way gained. No knowledge is given without a cost.
Lord Jax is mentioned and the book changes to ‘A member of the nobility in Hawkmoon – some magical power but not sure of alignment.’ – Now that is interesting as well.
What other event happened around the time of the temples destruction? The page changes again and we read ‘Destruction of Temple of Iuz in Hawkmoon happened at the same time as the destruction of the Temple of Pelor.’ – Okay, not good at all!
We put a blank notebook on the book and it closes, followed by a blinding bright light. After a few seconds the book is open again and the notebook has changed to a condensed version of the Encyclopaedia of Magical Knowledge. That is awesome! We quickly made four copies of the book, giving one to Syndra and the others are for Luken, Jarthar and myself, before the Headmaster arrived. Syndra takes total responsibility and we are hailed as heroes once more for solving ‘The Mystery of the Missing Relic.’
As a reward we manage to get our magical licenses for free! When we explain about the babble spell that was on the book the Headmaster explains that an unscrupulous headmaster cast the first spell on the book some 15 years ago! We also have access to all the facilities of the Mages Guild. We see Lord Jax arrive and I stop Jarthar from saying anything (clamped my hand on his mouth!) as Lord Jax passed us (called us peasant scum) – he will get his just desserts eventually!
We head towards the Laughing Manticore and arrive – there was a boy watching us again. The building has had some work done and as we enter we can see that there are number of people here already. We order food and drink and have a look around the room – a beautiful woman comes out every now and again – looks like she runs the place. The food is great! Luken would like to talk to her but he is not able too so he comes up with a plan. He wanders over to the bar and talks to the bartender about wanting to congratulate the owner on the meal. The woman comes out and introduces herself – Karma – while the others talk to Karma I talk to the bartender and say the code phase. He rings a bell that only Hith and Karma hear and then we follow ‘Karma’ out behind the bar and go upstairs to a room – she knocks twice and we enter and meet ‘Olaf, the mysterious O’. He is a Lieutenant under the Thief King. Karma comes in as well and closes the door and then leans against it.
It seems this other thieves’ guild is causing a lot more trouble than we first believed. Olaf wants us to infiltrate the docks and we look like the right people for the job. It seems shipments are not making it to the inn – as a test we are to escort a caravan tonight from the west side of the city to this inn. Olaf and Karma also believe that a member of the local government is selling them out for the other thieves’ guild knows the exact routes the caravans are travelling each trip. They want us to escort the caravan as a test of membership (and to see if we can do it).
We ask about what protection has been used in the past and discover that a number of current members of Olaf’s guild have been corrupted to the opposition and the only mage they had is dead back at the Darkstar Inn. He also say that he understands that some of us are looking at opening a gambling establishment in town – he can help with that. We accept but I say that I must first complete my performance tonight. Luckily the caravan leaves from a location very near the inn we are staying in on the west side of town.

Session 2 - On the Road to Hawkmoon

On the Road to Hawkmoon

After solving the murder of the mage, we are showered with gifts and hailed as heroes. Well the gifts are free food and drink, but it is a glories time had by all! Jarthar does table dancing and gets drunk on Dwarven Spirits, until he eventually falls off the table and is carried upstairs by Lor to our room. It is a night to remember and it is even better for some of us. Wink wink!
The next day, not long after lunch, we leave the Darkstar Inn waving a tearful goodbye to our new friends for they will surely miss us, we begin the journey to the city of Hawkmoon. Jarthar is ‘under the weather’ even at this late stage of the day but he follows along for we are indeed in good spirits!
After about an hour of travelling at a slightly faster pace above crawling (poor Jarthar) we hear strange noises, pieces of conversation coming from behind the trees off the main road. Strange but we investigate anyway (for are we not heroes?) but we (I) am heard and from out of the trees come 4 humans that could really do with a bath let me just say! There is no time for a ‘How do you do’ for these fool attack us!
I sing and insult my attacker – ‘did your mother put your nappy on or was it one of your lovers with you?’ I hit and he falls to the ground – though he did hit me for a little damage.
The battle is ferocious and as I stand over my opponent the ‘others’ in our group seem to be having some trouble. Between throwing up, Jarthar deals with two of them but then we see the real mastermind behind the attack! A pox ridden Elf comes out and charges!
I let the insults fly and sing my songs of attack ‘You like humans Mr Elf? Your kinky friends are dying so no more ‘favours’ from them. Hazzar!’
My taunts are a bit too successful and the large elf charges and knocks me to the ground. But it is not for long for I am healed by Hith and I am able to get back up again. Ha ha!
I stand and swing my sword by miss… Hith and Kesrick hit and Jarthar casts a spell and hits! I strike the elf down and stab my sword into him and collapse from the wounds I received protecting my compatriots. Hith quickly heals me of course for it is the least he can do. The bodies are quickly searched and we find…
A reward notice for a missing jewel on the Elf and then a sack and inside is a gem the likes we have never seen before! Could this be the King’s Tear the reward scroll mentions. Seems we had just killed the thief (real name Aniece) and his cohorts in crime. Ah a good day to be a hero. The rare gem will fetch us 200 gold in Hawkmoon – most excellent.
At the end of this encounter meet Luken, an Eldarin (it’s a frigging convention of tree loving hippies!) and he explains he was looking for the King’s Tear gem. We decide that we will work together and stay as a group and head to Hawkmoon to collect the reward.
After travelling for about 30 minutes I spot a wagon hidden down a track and Kesrick investigates and then calls us over. It is Draven wagon and he lies dead on the ground. Poor Draven… the boxes and the big metal monstrosity thing are missing! We check the area and discover that he has been covered in some kind of oil (toxic acid from a creature) we get almost two vials of the foul stuff – I assist Jarthar with my brew potions ability to get that. Luken says the creature was an Ankheg while Hith finds a diary on Draken, which he rightly gives it to me for safe keeping.
Hith looks around and finds the tracks and it is easy to see what direction the assailants have gone in and it is NOT towards Hawkmoon (interesting). We send Hith and Kesrick out a head to scout. Hith finds the trail easy to follow and soon comes across kobold shit (gross and how does he know?). The kobolds are probably working for someone which means this ‘leader’ may \ is not with them.
We travel for another 30 minutes and come across another side path. This path is going down into a valley and as we get close to the edge, we look down and see a meadow with kobolds. One of them where robes… a shaman perhaps. The plan of attack is quickly worked out and spells are cast! Jarthar casts ‘sleep’ and is aiming for the shaman (and those close to him) and hits, while Luken casts a elemental blot (very nice) and I fire my crossbow – we all hit or targets! The guard on our side falls. Kesrick fires his longbow at the shaman but missed. Battle is joined!
Kesick shots once again (nice shot!) and another kobold falls, while Jarthar cast Magic Missile drops another. Hith charges forward and another kobold falls and Luken hits and kills another with his elemental bolt. I fire my crossbow and hit the robed shaman figure. The shaman kobold pulls out a wand, aims at Hith (not good) and misses (very good). The kobold then falls to the ground and then jumps back up, and moves to his left – what a strange little fellow but then that was my doing. Kesrick and Jarthar attack from range and the kobold falls to the ground dead… Victory once more!
The last kobold standing, a guard that was on the other side of the meadow, is hit by Luken’s elemental blast and is knocked flying through the air. Hith steps in and hits and then I fire my crossbow take him down.
Loot time again – well it started badly with nothing but rubbish on most of the kobolds, but the Shaman had four vials (3 busted), a wand, that I take, and a dagger. There are also sacks of gold (40 each) my friends! The machine which is for making wax figures of some kind – Luken says there is a famous wax maker called Fellspar in Hawkmoon (I have heard the name before and he might be connected to Lucien – 20 years ago they knew each other). We decide to send Kesrick and Jarthar back to get the wagon and once they have returned we put the wax machine back on the wagon (with Draven’s and the shaman kobolds bodies) and set off again towards the city. Draven was met by someone who back stabbed him and probably did not want the item delivered. We look at the diary and it says there is a payment of 300 gold to come – Draven also thought we were saps and paid us off to get rid of us. Now who is the sap!
We continue towards the city and finally arrive at the river and cross. Just before entering we talked about a cunning plan to infiltrate the city but it is deemed a waste of time. At the gates we talk to the guards; they are very polite and civil for guards and we realise there was no need for a ‘cunning plan’. The council of the city want travellers to come to Hawkmoon and SPEND money! Jarthar asks about ‘games of chance’ and is surprised (like most of us) that there really is not much in the way of ‘gambling’ in the city. There are three places that are pointed out to us; the Craven Raven which is now a rundown inn (Jarthar and I are definitely thinking the same thing when we look at that place. It shall be mine!), the Stone Wyvern which we find out is to the west of the marketplace, and the Laughing Manticore on the east side of the market square. For his find information, Jarthar gives Garen the Guard a gold! DAMN!
We find out that these two places are really little more bars but we drive off and start to make our way through the market place. Here we see the statue of a female dwarf – rumour has it was here before the city. Luken and I notice that a kid has taken note of us as we rode through the gates and into the market. Eventually we arrive at the house \ business of Fellspar the Wax Worker – it is a large building, very well to do and we are greeted by Rissvan the Gateman.
We tell him what has occurred and he is not surprised Draven’s life ended the way it did – he was a greedy bastard! We take the wagon around to the back of the building and get paid once more! Another 60 gold each. All in a day’s work for heroes like us. We ask ‘How do you make money’ and Rissvan says that Fellspar was an adventurer and travelled with Lucien (who was in charge of the mission he was on). The raided a tomb and made a LOT of gold, but there were only 5 survivors out of 12. Oh Snap… we explain about the King’s Tear and the reward and he say you can collect the reward for Aniece, not a liked fellow it seems around town, at the Axe and Haft Security building located near the Stone Wyvern Inn. It seems this Axe and Haft is part of the police force.
We had back to the market place and see a few shops of note – a smithy – a weapon shop ‘Shanks and Shivs’ – another called ‘Red Magic and Sundries’ and right next to is a ‘Gems are us’ shop. Jarthar talks to the guards out front of the gem shop and mentions Garen – it seems these two think Garen was supposed to relieve them so instead the two leave to go have a drink. With the guards gone we march inside the gem shop giving the owner a bit of a surprise. We explain that we have come for the reward – I hold out the reward poster. The ‘owner’ surprises us and drops some kind of illusion? I am unsure myself but he is not even human!
We barter with him and describe the terrible death of our friend and the widow and children he has left behind. Oh the pain – oh the drama of the situation! We manage to get the 200 gold put he tells us to go next door to the magic shop and say ‘Red Way’ to see if we like what else he has to offer. Eventually we agree and go next door to the magic shop, ‘Red Magic and Sundries’.
We say the code word – Red way – and we get a very cool reward – seems we can choose a magical item (damn now that is a favour to owe!) The owner Jessop, is in reality an artificer – I am impressed. I show him the wand and he says it was made by a Kobold!?! He is shocked by this it seems and he calls the wand an Animus Rod. He is very interested in the kobolds body – his speciality is potions of flame. We show him the toxin we have and he says it will eat away the container it is in eventually and then split out on to the poor person carrying it! We trade one full vial for our two vials. We also find out that we HAVE to be careful and not cast spells. It is outlawed in the city unless you have permission or some kind of permit – DAMN!
We go back to the owner of the Gem shop and get paid another 40 gold each, and then we head off to the Axe and Haft to collect the rewards for Aniece and the band of Kobolds. We get 50 gold each for Aniece and his friends and tale about the kobolds that attacked the wagon near the crossroads. The Constabulary do not like the news we bring about the bandits being this close to the city. This is not good and the Mayor of Hawkmoon will be informed. He tells us that there are bandits to the west who are able to cover their tracks so well, that they have been no way of finding them. We also find out that there is a war going on at night between the thieves’ guild (run by Lucien) and an opposing guild so do not stay out at night as it is not safe. We get another 30 gold each for the kobold group.
Across the road from the Axe and Haft is the Stone Wyvern Inn \ bar – definitely more of a bar so we all feel right at home. As we enter we do see a rat, but it is not a Dire Rat. I move my money around so I do not jingle; one cannot be too careful – we rent out a room for three nights for the price of two – as I will be singing tomorrow night and performing for the masses. Such is my reputation! The barkeep also says that there is a ‘Lord Jax Demarcia’, a famous Bard, currently living in the city. Hmmm I will have to put on a great show as I am sure word of my arrival has reached his ears.
The alcohol here is watered down – a few people come in but business is really slow. We eat and then wait for the Inn to close, before having a chat. The sprite that Jarthar sent off to follow the kids that were watching eventually comes back and says that the human children went to the Laughing Manticore Inn – very, very interesting!
We also gather some information from the barkeep before he goes to bed. The magical passes some of us will need are 100 gold each and they are purchased from the Magical College. There are a number of taboo subjects in the city as well – thieves’ guild, magic and the Temple of Pelor. That one I do not get – Pelor is a good god! There are three temples in the temple district – Behamaut, Ioun and Selune.
Just as we are waiting for the owner to close up, a parchment is delivered mysteriously – thrown through the closing door of the bar and it is addressed to ‘The Heroes of the Darkstar Inn. Come to the Laughing Manticore tomorrow and tell the bartender the following code phrase:-
‘The bird who sings loudly, best beware the hunter’s attention’ – Signed ‘O’
The barkeep (what was his name?) says that The Laughing Manticore has ‘picked itself up’ in the last few months and it doing well again – who is it’s the backer? Is it a Lieutenant of Lucien or on the morrow are we going to meet the ones that are going against Lucien? We ponder this then head to bed ready for the next day. I must remember to finish reading Draven’s diary.

Darkstar Rising – A Tale of Murder Most Foul!

Hired on as caravan guards by the owner, Draven, we made our way towards the city of Hawkmoon. For three days we have travelled without incident and on the evening of the fourth day we arrived at the Darkstar Inn. Here Draven offers to pay us off for our time and effort, meaning we get 5gp each for our trouble. Hmmm, a no brainer for me, but not so sure about some of my ‘fellow’ guards.
The Caravan
• Myself – Thaddeus the Bard – storyteller and singer of fame!
• Jarther – an Eldarin (Moon Elf) that likes to drink and gamble. A very talkative fellow and he likes to do practical jokes. He is not your normal type of Eldarin. Nice change really.
• Hithfaerion – Half Elf Priest of Pelor – ah so loud and good. At least he can heal.
• Kesrick Dragonwall – Eldarin (Sun Elf) – sneaky fellow; might be very useful.

From the journal of Jarther
Well, this caravan gig has been easy money! Just how I like it, free food, travelling in a group, and no combat. That Thaddeus the duck bard seems ok, at least he can play. Hithfaerion is like all clerics of Pelor, rigid with a stick up his butt. Kesrick…hmm.. a sun elf! When I saw him I just sighed.. thinking he would be your normal Eldarin, but he seems different… I think he is a bit slim shady…

Darkstar Inn – the inn has been here a long time, but not as long as the tower that is built into it. The inn is owned but a husband and wife team of ex-adventurers. We take our money and head into the inn – ah time to have my room and food paid for! I am that good. There is a large common room that will easily hold 40 people, plus there us standing room at the bar. There is one stand out feature though – there is a large black rock referred to as ‘The Star’, hence the name Darkstar Inn. Elron is the husband and after speaking to him I agree to play and entertain to gain free room and board for myself and ‘friends’. Well friends is such a strong word…
Meet Marian (wench) who offers special ‘massage’ opportunities. There is a Branke – a Halfling Bard after my own heart, but not as good as me though is story about a dragon that once ruled these lands is not too bad. He finishes and I see Lady Zaan (wife \ co-owner) and she looks like she knows how to handle herself. I am then introduced and sing a song of my home village (embellished of course) that is well received by all (such is my talent). I even receive special acknowledge by another a couple at one of the tables – the woman nods to me on a job well done. During my song I even managed to pull people away from Cleric Leopold’s sermon, but not from the group Tombay is preaching to – they stay under his sway. (GM: They were just happy it wasn’t a One Direction Performance!!)

Jarther and Kesrick head over to a table where gambling is going on. I find out a bit later that one of the clerics when ‘all in’ with a really bad hand. Kesrick won the lot.
From the journal of Jarther
I’ll have to watch Kesrick… seemed he can gamble. Or maybe I’m wrong and he just assed a great hand… which means he might be lucky… just as bad…

Other Knowable Patrons
Gandor the dwarf – he is insulted by Ugan, a mage that seems to think he has the power to tell other patrons and staff what to do. What an idiot – we find out later he is to share the same room as us… He says he works for Lucien the Thief King. He says has an appointment with Marian – him and how many others! After relaxing a bit more we all head upstairs to our room (where we meet Ugan again) and he heads off to see Marian, though he is not gone very long! We sleep though that is strange; Kesrick meditates like all eldarin do, while Jarther sleeps?? Sleeps?? What is wrong with him?? Hithfaerion prayers to Pelor and nods off while I make sure the guitar is put away and ready for my next performance. Ugan sleeps after his ‘effort’ with Marian. Haha! (GM: She’s a woman who loves her work what’s wrong with that!!)
It is the next morning when we hear a scream echoing through the second floor of the building. I listen at the door as I pull on my chainmail and hear footsteps and doors opening as people ask what is going on. I also notice that Ugan is not in the room. I opened the door and look out into the hall and see the other patrons are gathered around the bathroom – Lady Zaan and a 6’6 guy called Lore – arrive, look inside the room and then Lady Zaan commands Lore to lock the front gates. We are in lock down! I go forward with Hithfaerion to investigate. Lady Zaan lets me secure the room while she looks after the female staff member that found the body of UGAN! He is bent over the toilet and his skull has been caved in. Ugan received a massive crushing blow to the back of his head – from what I can see the assailant would have had to be at least the same size as Ugan, and the weapon was probably a morning star or mace. Clerics anyone?
Lady Zaan then calls for everyone to go downstairs for a complimentary breakfast. I remove the key to Ugan’s lockbox from his body – maybe he has something there that can explain why he was killed. Hithfaerion and I try to get in our room but Jarther and Kesrick are still getting dressed? What are they doing in there?!? Hithfaerion thinks that maybe the sun is entering the moon… do not want to go there but I do not judge eldarin and their strange habits. Once inside we find the lock box open (hmmm) with nothing in it – I use the key and lock the lockbox again resetting the trap. We then head downstairs – I think our ‘friends’ picked it!

From the journal of Jarther
I was right – Kesrick knows how to pick a lock…. I stood lookout for him and he managed to open the box. Lucky just in time.. If Hith had of seen us, I’m sure we would not have heard the end of it.

Once we are all gathered, Lady Zaan tells all that no one is going to be leaving the Inn and the gates have been locked and are guarded. Some try to argue with her but the Lady Zaan is VERY intimidating. I step forward and give my finding and Hithfaerion holds up his Morningstar when we say what the murder weapon was! The clerics of both sides argue and blame each other. Hithfaerion bellows and everyone shuts up. Lady Zaan has everyone return to their rooms but the four of us are deputised to find the killer. This will make for an awesome story!
At this point, Kesrick sets forward and says he found a case in Ugan’s locked box. Jarther is not happy (Jarther: facepalm!) and says ‘Just tell everyone!’ (GM: At least he didn’t tell everyone about almost triggering the trap 3x times :D…) Knew those two were up to no good in the room while we were gone. In the case is a ledger, detailing Ugan’s expenses for this trip as well as notes on what he has found. There is a message from the Thief King – Beware the traitor in guild who wants the star.
It seems the ‘star’ has been here longer than the tower and that over the years many spell casters have come to the Inn to study it. While we decide what to check next, in from outside runs the stable boy, Eroth. We discover he has a key to the tower door and that he was on the second level when the scream was heard. He high tailed it back out of the tower and to the stable until told to come in to listen to Lady Zaan. We take the key from him and tell him to go back outside. We decide to check the rest of this floor before going into the tower.
The kitchen has fresh bread and stuff and I decide that we need some food \ provisions just in case we need to explore for some time. – Hithfaerion checks another room and finds silver bracelet – on it are the words ‘To my love Hinda’. Hinda is the wife of the cook and the pair are currently in the kitchen. Unfortunately, Jarther has managed to upset Hinda and she goes to another cupboard and gets out a club called ‘Martha’. I check it (no blood) and find that it is magical!! We work out that Pol and Hinda are innocent and Hithfaerion hands over the missing bracelet. Hinda is very nice to him and me, but NOT Jarther. I ask for supplies for the trip into the tower and they are happy to provide. We also find a secret room under the stairs (room 4).

From the journal of Jarther
That wench needs to remember her place and stay in the kitchen!

The Tower
We head into the tower (room 6) and look around. Storage area and there are longbows, arrow and a masterwork short sword. There is also a spiral staircase heading up to the next level of the tower. Kesrick has to explain to Jarther that Elron was the thief catcher for Lucien. Jarther puts the short sword back…

From the journal of Jarther
Not really interested in having a thief catcher looking for me with all my other worries….

On the second floor is a stone door that blocks half the room. There are a lot of old papers and stuff dealing with the day to day running of the inn. Kesrick listens and says he can hear two voices – a male and female and they are coming from the other side of the wall. The voices are coming from the male and female clerics that follow Tombay. They are concerned that we blamed a cleric for the murder. It was actually a cleric’s murder weapon, not necessarily a cleric – Idiots. I have not seen Tombay since he returned to his room and that he is not letting anyone else into his room.
Kesrick then checks the stone door, it is locked and so he picks it. We open the door and are hit by the musty smell of books – a possible library!! There could be much knowledge in there! We let Kesrick lead the way.
We hear a squeaking sound coming from somewhere in the room. Jarther sends in his familiar in to investigate. It is a 20 foot room. The newest book would be 200 years old. Awesome! Kesrick throws in something and it goes across the floor. The squeaking sound comes again. I throw in some bread and it is eaten by something! I get Jarther to cast light on another piece of bread and it lands in the middle of the room and is swallowed up but a Dire Rat! Jarther fires a magic missile and I fire a crossbow bolt and hit the rat; then the rat attacks Kesrick and he is bitten.
Kesrick slams the rat with a massive blow and the rat bits him again – Kesrick does not look well. I shoot once more and the rat dies! Kesrick is diseased according to Hithfaerion. The battle with the Dire Rat was noisey and the female cleric has heard us. The male says it is just rats and Jarther casts a spell to torment the female cleric! He casts Ghost Sound and there are suddenly the sounds of hundreds of rats but only the female cleric can hear them. She leaves the room in a hurry. The pair do not find the secret door that leads from their room to the tower we are in.

From the journal of Jarther
Excellent!! What a find!! This library just made me “blow my load” And the book we found, This book has spells from dancing lights through to Prismatic Orb! Well the thief catcher can kiss my eye of terror! I’m not giving this up to anyone! I expected the others to try and stake claim to it, but it seems they are intelligent enough to realise they are too stupid to understand it. Excellent!! I like it when people know their limitations!!
Had never seen a dire rat before, and neither had any of the others I think, but regardless Kesrick stood toe to toe with it, and the duck was right there behind him with his crossbow. I don’t remember Hith doing anything of note.. But hey.. What can you expect from a cleric! At least he was able to inform Kesrick that he was diseased after the rat bit him… wonder if he will go feral?

The books are in an old form of common – very well organised – history, geography, etc and we find a series of red books. These red books are part of the Journal of Ezraban. Hmmm interesting – looks like parts of his journal explain how he came to the tower and cleaned it out. He loved to manipulate light and theorised that he could build a machine to harness the power of light. He names a substance called Nulleum. The dark star rock is probably a made up of this substance that is buried under the tower. Its main property is to absorb MAGIC as Jarther said earlier.
The rock might be able to be moved. Ugan could have tried to teleport himself and the rock and it would have failed! Then he was killed by this traitor. Jarther finds the spellbook of light – dancing lights and prismatic sphere and is a very happy moon elf.
The journals indicate that Ezraban was building a machine to harness the powers of light spells and Jarther says there was a strange device with the caravan. Could it have been Draven and how is he involved if so?? There is also a stairway going up. Hithfaerion calls upon the power of Pelor and heals Kesrick of the disease the Dire Rat gave him. We head up…
On the third level is a deactivated summoning circle and this is where Ezraban would have summoned the extra-planar creatures he talked to. The room has been cleared but there is another set of stairs up.
The final floor has the machine in it that was mentioned in the journals – think of the room as a top of a lighthouse where the lamp is located. I study the machine and work out that there is a slot for the rock to be placed another for the light spell when you cast it (dancing lights?). The view from the room is brilliant. You can see the city from here. One could hold the city to ransom if you had the power to do so. We also read that the dark star stone will absorb spells from 5 feet away; very useful information.

From the journal of Jarther
This Nulleum needs more study, I agree with the duck, it is very powerful. I noticed the notes in the journal about what certain light spells have done when cast at it. I would love to study this more, but even I realise it is neither the time all the place. It’s not like its going anyway quick.

Back at the Inn
We had back down, stop at the second level and hear nothing. We then continue to the bottom level and return to the main inn area. There is an argument between the clerics going on – false teaching, false Gods, each side blaming the other. When people notice that we have returned they quiet down again and we notice that Tombay looks worried; He invites us to his room and tells us that his mace is missing. He last had it in his room… he thinks! He just cannot remember. Kesrick says that the doors lock has been tampered with – thievery! Well he would know. There is also a secret panel in the room but hides nothing of interest. One thing we do find is a secret compartment in his a box with Tombay’s stuff – inside is a love letter. Tombay looks to be innocent after our questioning but we are sure that the murder weapon is his missing mace.
We also discover thanks to some stealthy work by Kesrick that Leopold was with the wench Marian last night so he too was not responsible for the death of Ugan. Lady Zaan comes to the door and tells Leopold to keep his clerics under control. Leopold still insists that Tombay is the one! She counters with keep your clerics in line or else… Hithfaerion turns up and as Lady Zaan goes to leave, Leopold continues to blame Tombay. Tombay heads downstairs and Kesrick checks the lock on Leopold’s room. It has not been tampered with.
Kesrick checks Leopold’s room and lock box but finds nothing unusual in it. From here we go to check with Marian and she lies to us about being with Leopold and Ugan but we see through it and she owns up. She was with both Leopold and Ugan last night. We also speak with her room mate XXXXX, who was the one that found the body of Ugan this morning. She tells us she heard footsteps heading down the passage towards the four rooms in where the Halfling, the Dwarf, Draven and the other Lady are located, though we can rule out Draven as he left well before the murder happened.
The woman and man are asked on their movements and we find out she is a Duchess and was here to havea meeting with someone to help her in securing her Duchy. She has also lost an earring – we did not find one in the bathroom where Ugan was killed. She explains that there is a spell proof room on another level that cannot be listened in on and she was meeting with the merchant Rathen in this privacy chamber. You also cannot leave the room with the key. We find the earring in the room. She was trying to get the help here to stop Lucien the Thief King from taking full control of her lands. She had an item to send back to her Duchy and Rathen was to transport it. Kesrick goes to the merchant and pushes his way in. He is a gemstone merchant and imports them to Hawkmoon. The Thief King puts ridiculous taxes on goods coming in and the Duchess was to be a new contact and way of importing gems and other items thus allowing her to keep her Duchy. The merchant Rathen locks the door after Kesrick leaves.
The inns best room has been rented out for 3 days by a Professor Kristoff. He is a Sage of anatomy. He tells us that the killer was right handed after we examine the body. Amazing but this does clear Tombay as he is left handed. We now head off to investigate the stables.
We head towards the stables and see Lore guarding the gates. We go past the well and decide to check it. Kesrick goes down and finds a wooden handle and it belongs to a mace. We are sure it is the murder weapon and is Tombay’s missing mace. There is dried blood on it…

From the journal of Jarther
This is all pointless.. we know ONE of the clerics has done the murder… if we can’t find out which I say we just arrest them all!!

We get to the stables and after a quick search find nothing unusual. We head off back to the inn and talk to Elron who is serving others at the bar. We go upstairs and see Lady Zaan just finish talking to the dwarf Gandor. He is grumpy and pretty much himself but he always carries a club which he looks after. We know that is not the murder weapon and he is too short to be the killer. We then go to the Halfling’s room.
The room is a mess – he is trying to finish his story on the Dragon but he is having a hard time with the ending. We look around and I see a beautifully carved flute and I blow it but nothing happens. Strange indeed but I look at it again and see that something is blocking or hidden in it. I open it (nothing strange has happened so far) but I take a step back as I read the note I have found – he is the traitor and he attacks us! The Halfling attacks me (ouch) and then I strike back. Kesrick attacks and luck is with him and he too hits the Halfling. Jarther casts a spell and summons a fire warrior. Hithfaerion attacks as well. The Halfling tries hard to escape but I kill him with two shots of my crossbow in his back.
Hithfaerion saves the Halfling so he does not die – what a nice Priest of Pelor. We find out there is a prison ship where this guy will go. We keep him alive and hand him over to the Lady Zaan. We have found the killer and his loot!

From the journal of Jarther
So the Halfling was the killer, not a cleric… interesting….. again Kesrick and the duck stand forth and defeat the enemy! I like these two… they are not afraid to face danger (and shield me in the process)…. Sigh… again Hith did nothing of note… but see my above entry about Priests not being worth two knobs of goat shit in combat, so he did as I expected. He did save the Halfling from death… which at the start I thought was a bad idea… but the duck did point out that this gives the lady a living breathing murderer to put on trial and will keep us in the good books…. Fair enough… Hopefully we will keep the loot.

Found on Halfling
• Masterwork dagger and shortsword
• Potion of cure light wounds and of sneaking
• 37 gold
• Lockpicks
• Two bottles – enlarge (1) the other is empty
• 4 Pearls worth 20 gp each
The Halfling was the traitor in the Thief King’s organisation and killed Ugan by stealing the mace from Tombay to throw off the trail and then drinking an enlarge potion to make him the same size as Ugan. A very good plan but it was foiled by us! This will be a great story indeed.

From the journal of Jarther
All in all a profitable little stay…. I might try and tag along with these guys if they are going to Hawkmoon… They all seem competent (even Hith can heal if you’re willing to put up with the constant sermons, and praising to Palor).I think we have the makings of an adventuring party here…. Now… let’s get pissed!!

From the Journal of Lady Zaan
Thankfully this mess is at an end. I could tell that mage was going to be trouble when I heard him boasting about his connection to Lucian. I’ve heard the rumours of a rival gang growing in hawkmoon to rival the ‘almighty’ thieves’ guild but Elron tells me that it doesn’t matter, there’s no way they can win. I almost hope he’s wrong just to see that smug expression ripped off Lucian’s face as he is burned for his crimes. As long as they keep any further activities away from my inn I’m prepared to let the matter go.

From the Journal of Someone
It seems the stone has slipped through my fingers and unfortunately I have more important matters to attend too, there are rumours of these traitors being in the dock area. I shall have to send someone to investigate….


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